QE4 & The Future World Wide Slowdown

Corporate debt & the US \ China trade war are adding to fears of a international slowdown in trade. Is the Fed going step in with more quantitative easing? Quantitative easing – the issuing of money with the click of mouse – is completely unsustainable & ultimately doomed to fail. I believe it’s time toContinue reading “QE4 & The Future World Wide Slowdown”


Is The GOP Still The Party Of Conservative Values?

The quick answer to that is no, but Carlton Tucker makes an excellent point on what Republicans need to do to win – embrace the family. .@TuckerCarlson: "Supporting marriage and children is the best, maybe the only way, for Republicans or any of us to save the country." #Tucker — Fox News (@FoxNews) NovemberContinue reading “Is The GOP Still The Party Of Conservative Values?”

Watch “Black Trump support 34% and Chick-Fil-A made Massa Charlie mad” on YouTube

Follow Uncle Hotep @ Handy Mayhem Wow that’s impressive. If only it were true: Black ppl HATE Trump. I call shenanigans. I need to see these numbers, cause I’m not buying it. Still our best bet as Foundationals, ADoS, the akata & other various other nignogs – is the no vote option. #NoVote2020

How Blacks Are Locked Out Economically By The Evil Left.

Of our newly elected très petit chef it has been claimed that she has broken the machine – when in fact she is the machine. It was one Jason Black that broke the news for me. There will be no relief for Foundational Americans. Diabolical economics indeed. So to be quite honest I’m pretty embarrased,Continue reading “How Blacks Are Locked Out Economically By The Evil Left.”