DeFI platform investing & lending 04/17/20

I have been late with my monthly Block Fi update – DeFI platform investing & lending, but here is my account after a month of using this DeFi platform investing. Block Fi and the other lending\savings platforms are a great way earn interest on your crypto vs 2% APY or less through a traditional bankContinue reading “DeFI platform investing & lending 04/17/20”


Could the PlusToken Exit Scam be the Cause of this Sell-off?

Blockchain analyst, Ergo seems to think this is the case. It looks as though 13,000 BTC aquired from the PlusToken Ponzi scheme are being dumped onto the crypto market. This information comes from blockchain analyst Ergo. He broke this privously in November of last year: PlusToken was a popular high yield investment (ponzi) scheme operatingContinue reading “Could the PlusToken Exit Scam be the Cause of this Sell-off?”

The Dark Side Of Crypto

Special notice to my fellow Crypto speculators: With BTC struggling to get back above 10k & the waters getting a bit choppy in this early stage of the bull market it’s important we preceded with caution, using common sense with reason. Preserve capital, don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose & always useContinue reading “The Dark Side Of Crypto”