The Road To Serfdom

Do you want be free or do you w to be a slave? This is an important question & this breaks down why the state is such a threat to human freedom – FA Hayek’s Road To Serfdom is a must read for those interested in true liberty. Get your copy here: <br> No matterContinue reading “The Road To Serfdom”


A Time For Freedom: Booker T Washington – Up From Slavery

The Black Community is on dire need of new ideas & a better philosophical viewpoint. For our people will perish due to lack of knowledge. The decision to embrace Marxism was a turning point for the us as a people. The BC has not been the same since. As I stated earlier, new ideas areContinue reading “A Time For Freedom: Booker T Washington – Up From Slavery”

In Danger Of Being Anti-Semantics:

With the recent attacks taking place against Jewish people in New York & elsewhere, it seems that anti-Semitism is on the rise. Let’s run this back. Let’s not be overly promiscuous with our words. I received this promoted (targeted?) tweet recently: Let’s do I thought experiments suppose I am a person who travels to GhanaContinue reading “In Danger Of Being Anti-Semantics:”