The Dark Side Of Crypto

Special notice to my fellow Crypto speculators: With BTC struggling to get back above 10k & the waters getting a bit choppy in this early stage of the bull market it’s important we preceded with caution, using common sense with reason. Preserve capital, don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose & always useContinue reading “The Dark Side Of Crypto”


A Sleeper Crypto You should Add To Watch List

With the bull market heating up its important to be on the lookout for up-and-coming crypto coins. so I’ve been keep my eyes open for opportunities and I think I stumbled on one coin people should put on their watch list. A sleeper coin not many are talking about & should be on your radarContinue reading “A Sleeper Crypto You should Add To Watch List”

Do FUD & FOMO Have You In A Bind – BTFD!

It’s been stated that 90% of investors lose money. What can be done to increase your gains & at the same time mitigate risks? By the F’n dip. Let’s take crypto investing for an example. Say you want to get started investing in the cry to space, but you only have $250.00 dollars to investContinue reading “Do FUD & FOMO Have You In A Bind – BTFD!”