You are currently viewing Savage She-Beast Assaults Man At Game – Fight Breaks Out

Savage She-Beast Assaults Man At Game – Fight Breaks Out

Taking An Unnecessary A$$ Whupp’n

At a Pittsburgh Steelers game a wild & unhinged Karen after verbally abusing her husband slaps a man causing a brawl to ensue.

Here’s the beginning of the drama:

The brother who fault back has of course been banned from coming to any future games, I just hope this couple is banned as well. Fair is fair guys.

Whitlock had this to say in a tweet:

My Rant Of The Week

This is insane. What is this guy was a complete & total goon. He could of pulled out the Nina & shot the place up. These Karens have completely gotten out of hand. Of course it is all our faults as men. There are too many super simps in the west now a days. It doesn’t matter if you are Black, White, Brown or other it is all on us. We need to bring masculinity back – leave dogs like this in the kennel brothers. These witchy woman are not worth getting your but kicked over – or possibly worse.

& it’s going to destroy western civilization…

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