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Big Tech Begins their Purge of Dissident Voices

It’s begun.

The extreme far left & it’s cronies in silicon (silly con??) have started their purge of dissident voices, especially those on the right. As Big Tech begins their purge of dissident voices, what can we do to mitigate this issue?

Purge of Dissident Voices

Big Tech Begins Their Purge of Dissident Voices
Let’s Be Free to speak our minds

From Newsweek:

The post-riot willingness of the Big Tech giants to collude in an effort to shut down the communicative ability of the president and his backers—an ostensible effort to defend democracy—has actually created a far greater threat to free speech and democratic discourse than anything Trump did in his four years in office.

Johnathan Tobin’s Newsweek OpEd

Besides Mr. Tobin’s claptrap over the events of January 6, he is right. Not so much about a threat to our democracy (America is a republic, not a democracy) but about the challenge to free speech this brings.

Government involvement & the problems that will bring

shutterstock free speech 1
Free Speech – But only if I agree with it

With this coordinated move to ban Parler & deplatform President Trump there will be calls from the right to limit what tech companies can do. This is of course a bad move. As a Libertarian the best way to combat this bad behavior is through the market.

Big Tech Begins Their Purge of Dissident Voices

The fact that there is little evidence of Parler being used to incite the nonsense in the house is quite problematic. Glen Greenwald twitted this out:

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A quick rant

Big Tech Begins Their Purge of Dissident Voices

We all know damn well that they were waiting an incident like this to happen in order to go after rival voices. You can blame the left & progressives all you want, but stupid is what stupid does. Always use your brain. When on social media as well as in public. End of rant back to what I was saying.

I call for patience – with web 3.0 & decentralized networks rising, big techs days if being on top are numbered.

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