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Looting in Penn State, how will this effect Tuesdays Election

Once again a man was shot by the police, once again looting is taking place. How will this effect Tuesdays Election?

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Looting continues for the second night after a man holding a knife is shot by the police:

While a large group demonstrated in West Philadelphia, even more looters took advantage of the situation in a different part of the city. Hundreds of people were looting in the city’s Port Richmond section Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, officials said

From Looting, Protests Continue For Second Night In Philadelphia

Body cam footage has not been released, but the Phillidelphia Police chief, Danielle Outlaw, promised to release it soon.

The person shot was Mr. Walter Wallace Jr. Outlaw (no relation?) was suffering from mental health issues when the incident occurred:

Police say they fatally shot Wallace on Monday after he ignored orders to drop a knife, a death that intensified already heightened tensions in the presidential battleground state. Wallace’s mother said she warned police Monday afternoon that her son was in the throes of a mental health crisis.

From the Omaha World Herald

The looting in Philly could not come at the worst time, with the presidential elections less than a week away. Will this push undecided voters to vote for Trump? We will have to wait & see.

From CBS news Philly:

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