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Illinois: Vote no to the tax amendment.

Springfield has a spending problem & no new amount of increased taxes will fix it. Voting yes to this new amendment is like giving downstate a blank check to raise all of our taxes in the future, while not coming close to fixing our issues. Let’s talk about it.

Vote no to the tax amendment
Mike Madigan – 30 plus years in government, decades of mismanagement

Why the amendment is needed

Springfield has been wasting our tax dollars for quite some time.  The pension debt as of August 2020 is nearly 140 Billion dollars, up from 4 5 billion in 1980. Down state is desperate for cash to help bail out the state.

A trojan horse to raise taxes on us all

Without this tax amendment downstairs hands are tied. From the no tax hike amendment page:

The Illinois State Constitution requires the state income tax rate to be the same for all taxpayers – currently at 4.95%. This makes it difficult for the Legislature to increase income tax rates because any rate increase affects all taxpayers (i.e., all voters).

From No Tax Hike Amendment page.

Politicians are trying to trap voters because, for years, they’ve mismanaged the State’s finances. In the last decade, the Legislature raised the state income tax twice to fund out-of-control spending. But, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Illinois still had an $8 billion budget deficit, and the unfunded pension liability skyrocketed to over $137 billion.

From No Tax Hike Amendment page.
Vote no to the tax amendment

Socialist governor & billionaire, Pritzker is the main sponsor of this proposal. According to the daily harald has spent over $56.5 million to promote the amendment. While billionaire Kenneth Griffin has donated $45.75 million to appose it.

Vote no to the tax amendment
Billionaire Kenneth Griffin, will he stay in Illinois if the amendment passes?

To bring this on home: Illinois has a spending problem & for decades has mismanaged our tax payer dollars. We ‘Noisians need to send a clear message to Springfield that enough is enough. What is needed is not amendment offering these corrupt politians more money. No. What we really need is a balanced budget amendment – maybe that can be added to the next election’s ballot…

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