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Biden Selects #1 Kamala Harris for the VP Spot

Kamala Harris for the VP, a Good Pick?

Yesterday Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris for the VP spot. This of course is no shock to anyone paying attention. With her presidential campaign ending in shambles, Ms. Harris had been jockeying for the number two spot for a quite a while.

Kamala Harris for VP
Will Kamala’s VP duties involve changing Joe’s diaper? Depends

Truth be told the Dems were always going to pick a woman who is a POC & the choice of a qualified people who fit the criteria is pretty thin. Anyway, here is a look at some of the reactions.

Bougie Nig-Nogs rejoice

Kamala Harris for VP
600Former Obama Pollster Cornell Belcher
Kamala Harris for VP
Zerlina Maxwell from MSNBC

Me personally I could care less who the VP is, but the “paper on the wall” shines were ecstatic. These life long democrats are truly on the plantation, but I digress. Here is a clip from the extreme marxist propaganda outlet MSNBC:

Crazy face Kamala, as the bougie nogs celebrate her as VP

Rebuild the Obama coalition huh? Fine words for Blacks who sound like they are out of touch with the Black community.

Foundational Black America was sick of Obama pretty much as early as the end of his 1st term. You can only motivate people with empty gestures for so long. With that said, not everyone is happy with Kamala for the number two spot.

But some are disappointed by the selection:

In California ( known unofficially as, The Peoples Republic of California – don’t comply & they will shut your water off) reaction was mixed:

“Who’s he going to pick?” Ivie asked, refreshing the computer screen constantly. Moments later, Nomo looked down at her phone and saw a notification. She showed it to her sister and they sat in silence.

From MSN News website, reactions to Kamala Harris,

“It’s not who we wanted,” said Nomo, of Sherman Oaks, explaining that she and her sister disagreed with some of Harris’ decisions as a prosecutor, as well as her ties with some corporations.

From MSN News website, reactions to Kamala Harris,

It remains to be seen how the rest of the left will respond to a former DA, who’s record is quite a spotty, as the vice prez. She’s married to a “person of non-color” (eg. Caucasian ) but Blacks may be able to overlook that. The question is will they vote for a cop. With the anti-Trump psychosis taking full hold of the marxists, I’m quite sure the DNC feel they have a chance to take the white house come this fall. But what do you think? Feel free to comment & share this post.

UPDATE: This just in “The Donald” responds to Biden’s picking Sen. Kamala Harris as his choice for VP.

JUST IN: President Trump responds to Joe Biden choosing Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate: “She was my number one draft pick & we’ll see how she works out. She did very, very poorly in the primaries as you know. She was expected to do well and she ended up right around 2%.”

From the Hill, President Trump to Joe Biden choosing Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate.

No lies told there. With such a spotty record will Joe Biden be able to attract swing voters who are decided. He will also need support from independents to have a chance to beat Trump.

The wild card in all of this the rioting in the streets. I have a feeling the normies will vote for whoever can restore order to the country. With that being the case historically the GOP has been the law & order party – this could present a challenge for the Dems who have been over ran by the crazies. But, as I said before – we will see…

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