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5 Out of the Box Ways You Can Get Ahead While under Quarantine

So, we have been on lockdown for about 5 months now (115 days, if I’m not mistaken) and we are all getting a bit antsy. While we are stuck in the house let’s invest some time into getting our financial house in order. Here are 5 out of the box ways you can get ahead while under quarantine.

1. Re-negotiate Your Lease

5 Out of the Box Ways You Can Get Ahead

If you are blessed to still be working while more and more people are finding themselves out of work, take this time to get your rent reduced. The longer the lockdown due to Covid-19 goes on the more renters will stop paying – this presents you with the perfect opportunity to cut a deal, which leads us to our next lic..

2. Get a Bigger Apartment Pay Less or The Same for it

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Opportunities like these come around only so often. If you are financially independent with relatively stable income, why not go to your land lord to grab a larger unit at the same rate you are paying now?

3. Build Your Savings Up – But with Crypto

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BTC earn more

Here’s the thing: putting money into crypto currency does involve risks, but what other place can invest your money and get 3.8% – 8.6% on it? The Banks? Negative interests rates are coming soon… If you are a HODL’er like myself I would try to earn some interest on my money while I wait for BTC to moon. I use Block Fi to get up to 8.6% interest on my crypto, but do you own research before investing any of your money.

4. Still Using Cable?? Why You still using Cable Yo?!

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Yes, if you are one of the 12 people still using cable – it’s time to stop. Netflix and chill has been the wave for the longest, cut the cord and update your game! Or maybe, Disney+, Hulu, or Amazon Prime are more up your alley. If you haven’t already go ahead and cut the cord, its not to late.

5. Learn New Skills, Be Productive.

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What list would be complete without the learn more trope. Wait! Before you dismiss this idea think about it, you don’t have no excuses why not take this time to acquire new skills. From Udemy to Skillshare you have no excuse.

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