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Symbolic Victories Are For Losers

Statues must go? Then what?

Symbolic Victories Are For Losers:
Gen Lee

There was a great article from Kara Davis and you really should check it out. But, I want to look at something else regarding the statues coming down. So, we are taking down the statues. Those monuments to White supremacy and racism.

As an aside I never understood why the losing side should have statues put up to honor their fallen. If there were to be statues built should it have not been solders from the winning side?

Anyway, I digress. So, statues of the confederacy coming down, Awesome. Fantastic. With this act I bet quite a few of you feel as though you have gained some form of victory.

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We must not look at this as some form of victory, all this really is at the end of the day just a symbolic victory and symbolic victories are for losers. Let me explain why.

This Is All A Distraction

Symbolic Victories Are For Losers:
Hotep Jesus putting things into perspective.

The Democratic party is for one, very crafty and also very sneaky. Not less than a year ago the discussions in Black leftist circles was reparations for slavery. #ADOS , Descendants of American Slaves (correction added – IBS*) #CutTheCheck and #DemsMustPay – were all the rage.

A few months later, the narrative has been co-opted. It is all about removing statues, defunding police, non-Black voice actors quitting their jobs so a Black person can voice a cartoon (seriously!).

Also, the fact that Black Lives Matter (a known marxist organization) gives most of its donations to the DNC should give you pause.

Diversions and distractions. But what did you win in the in? Nothing. The DNC wins and we are left holding an empty bag.

Let’s Build and Not Destroy

Symbolic Victories Are For Losers:
The Statues are down, but you’re still broke – nothing gained

Anyone can tear down someone else’s monuments, but did you think about building your own? So many of our heroes in the Black community have not gotten the proper recognition they deserve – let’s start cementing their legacies now with our on statues.

Just think of all of the monuments we could be putting up: Dr. Ben Henrik Clarke, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, the list can go on and on.

If White folk want to celebrate the losers of a war and slave holders, I say what does that have to do with us? Let’s celebrate our heroes by building tributes to them – what do you guys want, a hug from White daddy??

Take Back The Narrative – The Dems Must Pay.

With all of that being said, the most important thing we have to do is take back the narrative. BLM was able to resurrect itself after their previous scamming was exposed.

It’s time to put the spotlight back on them and expose them for what they are: a stealth arm of Democratic party. While the funds donated BLM don’t go directly to the DNC, ActBlue the destination for all of their found raising activity is mainly processes payments by progressive (eg. far left socialists) and Democratic affiliated organizations.

We should also reexamine Obama’s record on ending police brutality and ask ourselves, how many officers were prosecuted on his watch? So, don’t let Dems turn this into a Left good \right bad argument.

And no it is not about Trump (see previous statement on our good former president Obama). This is about #DemsMustPay. We must keep this about #CutTheCheck and if you are a supporter of this group and believe we should get reparations – #ADOS.

Don’t let them give you phony victories and symbolic wins, for this is how we lose in the end.

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