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The Black Left VS Black Right Debate Is Just Another Distraction, Don’t Fall For IT!

Candice & Marc trade blows, ends in a knock out

Black Left VS Black Right Debate

Now, having watched Candice Owens (Black America’s favorite conservative) & Lamont Hill (intellectual light weight, to be sure) in their sit down it was clear that Candice got the upper hand in the end. I can see why Mr. Hill did not want that smoke with Hotep Jesus. Anyway, all of this is immaterial and a waste of our focus. Left or Right, what’s better for the BC? The Black Left VS Black Right debate is just another distraction, don’t fall for it! Consider this:

Here’s the issue: the Black Cons pander to White folk, then do nothing to improve & inspire & Blacks to greatness– while the Black pros(progressives) pander to Black folk & also offer us very little except empty rhetoric, where are just left complaining about problems and celebrating empty victories (more or that at a later time). It’s time to stop picking a side & start playing both sides off against each other. The best strategy is to make demands towards the two parties and which ever party puts forth the most that’s who we should ride with. No more party loyalty – demand tangles, not talking points.

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  1. blkwmnla

    There’s never been party loyalty for the Black community if you look at the bigger picture of us in history and politics. We started with the abolishionist party, which then created the Republican party and then we left the GOP too for the Dems because of what they would and wouldn’t partner with us on. Candace doesn’t seem to fully understand history or she conveniently doesn’t delineate further. If she’s who you’ve gotten your zeitgeist of Black folk from, please reconsider.

    1. blacksandwealth

      We could also consider a 3rd or 4th party option as well. Great comment, thanks for post!

      1. blkwmnla

        For symbolism?

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