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Black Lives Matter is a Marxist Organization

BLM = Marxism

Let’s be clear, the fact that black lives matter is a marxist organization is not new news. Pointing out the fact that their donations go almost exclusively to the democratic party also shows that the organization is bipartisan as well. Integrity should require this fact be declared on the Black Lives Matter website. With that being said, before I get into this let me offer up my insights into BLM.

Defunding The Police

Officer stands on watch
Defund the Police or the state?

The rallying cry to defund the police is one that the opposition to the left should heed as well as agree with. I see no issue with it and I find it difficult to what the disagreement is. Reframe the discussion – defunding the police means privatize the police and reduce restrictive gun laws. The right, if they were not just a bunch of one dimensional thinkers would have immediately agreed. Most libertarians\libertarian leaning individuals understand that you can’t defund the police without 1st defunding the state. Put forth these measures and watch how quickly the leftist change their tune.

Keeping Blacks Under Marxism

Black lives matter ??
Looters gone loot

Slowly but surely the Black Community is starting to wake up and before the George Floyd tragedy there was a growing opposition to the Democratic one party rule over us. As we examine 60 plus years of state sponsored “help” ,our communities have been steadily in decline. The left quickly grabbed hold of the narrative and began to push the nonsense forward that it was White supremacy and not the incompetence of the state along with the steep moral decline of the country. White supremacy with its evil twin structural racism are constantly taunted as why Blacks are in poverty. Anyone with even a bit of since knows this is nonsense, so why is it so effective?

Appealing to Emotion

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If the leftist know and understand one thing that the right keeps getting wrong and it’s framing as well as sentiment. It’s quite easy to manipulate the masses by connecting with their natural fears and anxieties. People, all people have their prejudices and pre-judge others. I’s only natural. But, it becomes dangerous when you use those fears to push through agendas that are not in the interests of the masses. Smart people say facts don’t care about your feelings, but wise ones know that feelings could care less about the facts. This is the way it is, until the opposition to the radical left understands this we will keep on losing

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