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Using Black pain to push an agenda

Seems to me, only time White progressives care about Black men is when one of us die. Any other time we’re a bunch predators – misogynistic, homophobic and potentially dangerous. They are using Black pain to push an agenda.

RIP To George Floyd

George Floyd’s death was an unfortunate and avoidable event. But using this as a way to push your bullshit politics is disgusting. Rioting in the streets and looting – what does that have to do with preventing police brutality? Not a thing. We tore the stores down, where are we going to shop now? Why not do something constructive?

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Also, what happened Covid? Will the disease spread now that protesters (Soros goons?) are flooding the streets? Here’s an idea – do something worthwhile. You want to honor our brother George Floyd’s – follow Kanye’s example and put your money where your outrage is.

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Kanye donates to George Floyd fund

Do something worthwhile, just click the button if you want to be a part of the solution.

That’s all I have to say until next time.

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