You are currently viewing CeFI Investing & Lending 04/17/20 (2).

CeFI Investing & Lending 04/17/20 (2).

This Month in DeFI

I have been late with my monthly Block Fi update – CeFI investing & lending, but here is my account after a month of using this DeFi platform investing. Block Fi and the other lending\savings platforms are a great way earn interest on your crypto vs 2% APY or less through a traditional bank account. Below is a breakdown from DeFI investing & lending 04/17/20.

Interest Earned:

Interest Earned for March $6.23 Paid & $5.03 accrued:

Crypto Holdings:

Here is a breakdown for each crypto I’m currently holding:

Bitcoin (BTC) Breakdown:

Note I withdrew .05 BTC bringing the BTC balance down from .2 BTC to the current balance – earned int.00047180 BTC = ($3.32) accrued int 0.00041990 BTC = ($2.95)

Litecoin (LTC) breakdown:

My balance for LTC stayed the same – may add to it next month (maybe add some of my Don-dollars to my balance :)) 10.02868852 LTC ($421.51) – .02868852 LTC Total int ($1.21) – Accrued 0.01746784 (.73):

Ethereum (ETH) Breakdown:

APY is currently 4.5%, I started this month off with a balance of 2.00489612 ETH. I decided to add a bit to my ETH balnace.

Ether Balance - DeFI platform investing & lending

Deposited 1ETH for the Month of April – making a new balance of 3.0489612 ETH – with .00489612 ETH (.83) Accrued .00410119 ETH (.70):

Now I’m up to 3.00489612 ETH. I will be adding more to my ETH position next month as well as my BTC position.

New Ether Balance - DeFI platform investing & lending

USDC breakdown for the month of April:

USDC Balance - DeFI platform investing & lending

Adding 43.98876300 USDC for the month of April:

USDC Balance - DeFI platform investing & lending
USDC - DeFI platform investing & lending

Balance is now 213.30673569 USDC:

USDC Balance - DeFI platform investing & lending

Now here is the account with new balances – $2,248.50 Total Interest $6.24 Accrued Interest $5.06:

Total Balance - DeFI platform investing & lending

See you next month with my CeFI platform investing & CeFi Lending Interest contribution update.

Get started and earn up to 8.6% interest now!

Note: This is not financial advise & is for edutainment purposes only. Securities trading\speculation involve a level of risk & Crypto investing\speculation is a highly volatile market place, please only invest money that you are comfortable losing. Remember to ALWAYS use stops

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