Recommended Reading, 3 Books You should Read Right Now

The Road To Serfdom

More than an exposition market liberalism, but also a warning of the dangers of government control of economic decision making & the issues of centralization that this causes. If your on the left or on the right, Mr. Hayek plays no favorites – great read.

The Communist Manifesto

Want to understand communism what better place to get a better understanding than from the horses mouth. Learn the 10 Tennant’s of communism, the aims of the socialism & more.

The Art Of The Deal

The Donald. Love him or hate him if you haven’t read this book then you are missing out. Written in 1987 with help by journalist Tony Schwartz. Largely a business advise book, but also a memoir. Learn about his early upbringing, how he built his real estate Empire as well as his keys to success.

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