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3 Apps To Use For investing

With the introduction of the smartphone, never has it been easier to get started with investing. Here are 3 Apps you can install right now for investing.

Coinbase App:

This is the starter app for getting started in crypto. You can buy several of the top crypto currencies here, from bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, or eos just to name a few.


  • Ease of use for 1st time investors
  • Low cost to get started with crypto investing


  • The crypto offerings are limited compared to other crypto trading platforms
  • Trading fees are quite high up to $1.49 per trade

Quick Tip:

Open an account on coinbase with $100 (link below) & receive $10 free. Then go to coinbase pro & use that for your lower feel trading app.

Get coinbase app here.


This is another good app to use for trading securities. Features:

  • Buy & sell stocks with no commissions
  • Paper trading, for practicing before you spend your money
  • Get a free stock when you invest $100
  • Great app for experienced investors & active traders


  • Can’t buy stocks in fractional shares
  • Navigating the app can seem a bit complicated for new investors

Buy Webull here for your free stock.

Stash App:

The last app is a stash app. For novices just getting started, this a great app.


  • Easy for new investors just getting started
  • Can open an account for as little as $5
  • Can by fractional shares of a stock which makes expensive stops like google or Amazon more affordable


  • The $1 a month fee is a bit high (Webull on the other hand, has no fee)