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A Time For Freedom: Booker T Washington – Up From Slavery

The Black Community is on dire need of new ideas & a better philosophical viewpoint. For our people will perish due to lack of knowledge.

The decision to embrace Marxism was a turning point for the us as a people. The BC has not been the same since. As I stated earlier, new ideas are needed. With that being said, it is sometimes necessary for a people to look back in order to move forward.

Booker t Washington was a giant among men, I find it awful strange that people don’t talk about him as much as I should. I think it’s time for him to be restored to his proper place. He should be revered, much the same way as Malcolm x, Martin Luther King are.

Mr. Washington taught self-reliance, hard work, & skill-building. As well as living your life with purpose – all of these things are essential for building up community

Read Up From Slavery as a start in getting to know this man.

I would also listen to his most famous speech. The Atlanta Exposition Address:

And I would also read his letters. To complete the full picture of this great Black leader.

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