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The Dope Game 2.0: Watch For The Bamboozle

The Dope Game: The new Black media has been on the case for quite some time. The drug legalization program is a farce. It’s more affirmative action for Whites and non-blacks. What is needed is real criminal reform no criminal reform no vote. As Jason Black stated in the video This should be considered a form of restitution – not reparations.

Criminal justice reform is an keep part of the Black Agenda & should contain the following:

  • The release of all Blacks imprisoned for drug crimes & committed no violent crimes
  • The records of those released & previously previously arrested blacks records cleared of any felony charges
  • Complete complete amnesty for any black person caught selling drugs
  • Blacks should be 1st in line for all drug licences (I’m saying 85% for Blacks – the other 15% for whoever).

That’s just a start, more will be added at a later date.

We in intelligent Black society say no, you are not going to keep treating us as second class (fourth class really) citizens. No reparations, no vote. No restitution no vote


Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow – still relevant today as we move into the drug legalization agenda. It is a must buy if you do not have it I can’t recommend strongly enough.

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