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Inside Venezuela: A Unbiased 1st Look

I came across the following video showcasing the current situation inside Venezuela. No sensationalization just a sobering look into a socialist country (sophists & deniers prefer the term state capitalist).

A few take aways

  • Although there are shortages the people still find a way to survive.
  • While showing Caracas there are still middle case & well to do in the country who could still afford goods & services.
  • This shows that even under a socialist system there is income inequality.
  • Venezuela with it’s struggling Economy really is a dangerous place to live.

Speaking of income inequality: on Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan law caps his (President Maduro’s) salary at 12 times the country’s minimum wage… But Maduro’s net worth has been estimated at 2 million dollars 

President Madura’s estimated net worth

Maduro’s daughter:

Diario las Americas claims that Maria Gabriela Chavez, 35, has $4.2billion in assets held in American and Andorran banks

Possibly Riches person in Venezuela

But I digress.

This was a great video & I will watch the next parts to see how the situation unfolds.

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