Self-reliance Never Let Them See You Sweat.

Self-reliance Never Let Them See You Sweat.

A Nig-nog on Twitter, doing what what nig-nogs do made an off color tweet – targeted at Ari Lennox & Teyana Taylor.

Personally I think this brother needs to get his eyes checked, but to each his own.

Teyana touched on it breifly but Ari made a video response:

Let’s take a quick look at these ladies:

Ari Lennox 2016
Ms. Taylor
Teyana Taylor

Ari lennox Hip-Hop on Deck
Teyana in 2012

Now, do they in any way shape or form resemble dogs. My eyes tell me no.

Never Let people push your buttons & always stay focused. Also don’t show weakness by responding to negative remarks. Show strength & your supporters will have your back. But, this requires a certain level of self control – the 1st step to becoming self-reliant.

The final word on this: Never show weakness. Ari should have not even responded or at best kept it brief. It’s best to just let your fans & supporters handle your light weigh. Teyana Twitter a response & let it go – which is the best response.

With that said, suck it up you nig-nog snow flakes!