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New Year 2020 End of The Decade, A Look At Things To Come

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Before I get started, I would like to send a shout out to all those that made it. Glade you are here! Let’s all have a moment of silence for the ones we left behind – they will be missed.

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From now on & into the foreseeable future economics will the main focus of this blog.  Community can start the long, hard, beautiful & exhausting work of building a Black economy we must 1st lay down the ground work.


Self-respect & respect for others, respect for God – all of these are key to having happiness & a long life. I will touch on this more in the near future.


without which it’s impossible for a people to achieve their goals. We will spend a bit if time here before we move on to the next area of interest:

Economic Theory:

There several economic theories, but we will go over the main two: Classical liberal economics & Keynesian economics. Which one is more beneficial to the growth of the BC.


Black Patriarchy:

Some in the Black Community (women & men) may not like this, but men are the builders, maintainers & protectors of the BC. I will go in depth on what is required of men – women as we rebuild & ready ourselves for the start of the next decade.

I predict this will be a turbulent year, if not decade, let’s hope we all make it through – on top.