Basic Economics

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Do FUD & FOMO Have You In A Bind – BTFD!

It’s been stated that 90% of investors lose money. What can be done to increase your gains & at the same time mitigate risks? By the F’n dip. Let’s take crypto investing for an example. Say you want to get started investing in the cry to space, but you only have $250.00 dollars to investContinue reading “Do FUD & FOMO Have You In A Bind – BTFD!”

3 Apps To Use For investing

With the introduction of the smartphone, never has it been easier to get started with investing. Here are 3 Apps you can install right now for investing. Coinbase App: This is the starter app for getting started in crypto. You can buy several of the top crypto currencies here, from bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, or eosContinue reading “3 Apps To Use For investing”