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A Return To Reason: There Are Only 2 Sexes, Male & Female

The Extreme Left & Free Speech

The radical extreme left has once again shown it’s intolerance towards any position that contradicts approved politically correct thought. There are only 2 Sexes, male & female

Ms. Forstarter – occupation tax expert, was formally employed at the Center for Global Development (CGD), a think-tank headquartered in Washington D.C. and London. While at CGD she was fired for a tweet deemed insensitive to Trans people.

Here’s the offending tweet:

Ms. Forstater’s offending tweet.

The tweet was prompted by the British government’s plan to allow its citizens to choose their own “gender”. Absurd.

Not long after this tweet Ms. Forstarter has fired.

Although Ms. Forstater has received positive support from feminist organizations, Brit judge James Tayler decided in her employer’s favor,

But in a 26-page judgment released late on Wednesday, Tayler dismissed her claim. “I conclude from … the totality of the evidence, that [Forstater] is absolutist in her view of sex and it is a core component of her belief that she will refer to a person by the sex she considered appropriate even if it violates their dignity and/or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. The approach is not worthy of respect in a democratic society.

Judge James Tayler, Somewhere, UK

This judicial activism of judge Tayler is quite familiar in America, but I digress. The Admin

Maya was of course shooked by the decision & had this to say,

I struggle to express the shock and disbelief I feel at reading this judgment, which I think will be shared by the vast majority of people who are familiar with my case.

She went on to say,

My belief … is that sex is a biological fact, and is immutable. There are two sexes, male and female. Men and boys are male. Women and girls are female. It is impossible to change sex. These were until very recently understood as basic facts of life by almost everyone.

Maya Forstater’s response to the ruling.

Rowling’s Rational Response

A simple tweet from JK Rowling’s, of Harry Potter fame has gotten outrage Twitter in an uproar:

There Are Only 2 Sexes, Male & Female
Rowling’s offending tweet

Response from the leftwing extremists. For this tweet Ms. Rowling’s was labeled a TERF. A TERF is Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

The feminist wiki gave this definition:

The word TERF (or terf; pl terfs or terves) is a slur that is used predominantly by transgender activists and their allies against people who criticize the transgender movement on the basis of feminist concerns. 

From the feminist wiki

While the term has been used by radical-trans activists to slander feminist option & their concerns, my best advise is to embrace the term. Hotep Jesus of Hoteps been told you made this suggestion,

I would change radical to rational: Trans-exclusionary Rational Feminist & if I were them run with that.

HBTY – JK Rowling’s MAWW of the year

There we go, Hoteps been told you (HBTY). When your enemies label you take it, remix & use it – as a term of endearment. Just my 2 sense.

Offense Is Taken, Not Given

The left chooses to take offense at every simple opinion & turn it into an attach on “people’s basic humanity!” absurd, I say. This is why the left will lose. The further left the progressives go the more fractured alliances become & the more united the opposition will become. Is this the beginning of the end for far left.

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