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Is It Time For The Black Community Cancel Oprah?

I wonder how it feels to be worth over a billion dollars & still have no power…

Oprah Winfrey (Okrah for short) is going after another Black man. A few months ago it was MJ, now Russell is under the gun.

Russ is in under the gun, with “Okra” leading the charge

Membership has It’s privileges as Harvey Weinstein, Okrah’s longtime friend may get off with a pay off.

Harvey Weinstein and the board of his former film studio reached a tentative agreement Wednesday with more than 30 of his accusers on a $25 million settlement, according to The New York Times. If the deal was to go through, it would end many of the civil lawsuits brought against the disgraced movie producer.

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Is Harvey getting off while Cosby sits in a cell?

Russell, like Harvey, may find himself in hot water once this new doc premiers next year.

Winfrey is producing the as yet untitled documentary, which is about sexual harassment in the music industry and is believed to focus on Simmons.

Not quite sure who Russell pissed off, but has now himself a target of the #metoo witch-hunt crowd. Many called it early – the metoo movement will be used as a way to attack Black men & push the Gaysculinity agenda. This of course is another sign that is indeed the case.

Russ is a known ladies man & vagina hound, so he would be easy pickings for this sort of attack. I for one don’t believe the accusers story & find it hard to believe, but you should use your own judgement.

It has been known for as long as can remember that Oprah has had issues with Black men, but it’s time’s up on Ms. Winfrey. This attack on Russell is really an attach on all Black men & enough is enough. If Oprah continues to do the dirty work of the powers that be I say it’s past time to cancel her.