Jeremy Corbyn Set To Resign As UK Labour Party Leader

A new Dawn rises on a new day.

‘Boris stated, addressing his constituency after the landslide victory. investing with @Stash today! We’ll each get $5 when you use my link:

With this mandate & this majority, we will finally be able to do what?

Said Boris, with the crowd roaring back loudly,

Get Brexit Done!!

This of course remains to be seen as Britain still has a long road ahead, even if Brexit can be pushed through.

In Islington North, Corbyn also addressed his constituency & had this to say,

I’m very proud of the achievements of our party and the development of its manifesto and its ideas,

He went on to say,

Those ideas and those principles are eternal and they will be there for all time

On the contrary, the election result may seem to invalidate this statement. Although Corbyn stated he will be stepping down, no time table has been set & his successor has not been put forth.


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