How Blacks Are Locked Out Economically By The Evil Left.

Of our newly elected très petit chef it has been claimed that she has broken the machine – when in fact she is the machine.

It was one Jason Black that broke the news for me. There will be no relief for Foundational Americans. Diabolical economics indeed.

So to be quite honest I’m pretty embarrased, but not at all surprised to learn that our friends the Dems have once again found a way to disenfranchise my ppl.

So I ask a question: how can Black Americans \ Foundationals \ADoS get a piece of this action!

That’s not a question, it’s a demand. Blacks locked up by the government for selling an illicit product, whileWhites and others get licences to sell these same products – from the government.

This just shows that racism is government policy & not just a bunch of trolls complaining over the Internet.

In a Blue state – not a Republican in sight. Interesting how that works huh?


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