I Am A Liberal

I’ve said it before & so I will say it again now – I am not a Conservative. I came from the left, my ideas and views were shaped by the left. Currently, Blacks strongly support left-wing (dare I say progressive?) policies.

Traditionally, Blacks were what you would call moderates – socially conservative while being fiscally progressive.

At 1st I called myself a moderate, but over time I began to see myself to be a libertarian (eg. small government, low taxes reducing the welfare state,). Libertarianism is one big copout to the left & the libertarian party is just a mess. So what am I then? – Maybe I’m a liberal.

What Is Liberalism?

You mean classic[al] (sic.) Liberal, right? Because liberal just meant social democrat as far as I knew.

Ummm but…

Ok, I see. So who are the lazy ppl who conceded the term liberal the left (eg. the regressives)? I guess this is a peril of excepting the right\left dichotomy as being valid.

Definition Of Liberalism

Let’s take the definition of liberalism from Wikipedia:

From that I can proudly call myself a liberal & if you support liberty, justice & property rights then you are a liberal too. Join me as we push back against the regressives & Make America (Great?) Liberal Again!

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